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hank you to everyone who keeps me up-to-date with their lovely babies!

Comments from previous owners:

From Liz who purchased a RagaMuffin in 2012

March 13 - "Asha has grown into a lovely cat, very confident and mischievous, but with a great temperatment. She absolutely loves being around people. You can't sit down for long withough having her come and curl up next to you. I always get greeted with great enthusiam when I come home."

From Barbara who purchased a Birman kitten in 2011

Feb 13 - "Raffles is such a good boy and he loves Benji (Barbara's older cat). He snuggles up and nudges him and they both wash each other. He is such a pleasure to have and couldn't have been more perfect. He loves being on my lap"

From Trilby who purchased Elmo and Molly, Birman kittens in 2012

Jan 13 - "I am so thankful everyday that we found you and Lola to give us our cats. They make us smile constantly! x"

RagaMuffin Kittens all grown UP! 

cats Brown Mink & White JW Sorrel (3)  Blue Mink and white

Willow     Pebble age 1yr Muffin


                         Blue Silver Mink Tabby and white                                Brown Silver Sepia tabby and White


  xmas kittens  IMG_6516

    Marbles   Mickey 11 mn  Indy - 1 year                                                                       2 x lovely Black Smoke & White boys                                                                                                             Blue Sepia and white


Peaches 5 months   peaches 5 m  JW Cinnmon2 (3)

 Brown Smoke tabby & White (with Blue eyes)                                                                         Brown Mink Smoke and White

  Asha   JW Nutmeg (3)

 Brown Silver Mink Tabby & White                 Brown Mink and White

  Dempsey Brown Tabby and White   IMG_0758 (3)  Willow