Champion Barnjemms Awesome Annie (LILLY)

Brown and Silver Tabby with White

Lilly is sassy lady - very pretty and sweet natured! She is on her way to being a Grand Champion

Filenso Echo (ECHO)

Black Smoke with white

Echo has the sweetest of natures, not a bad bone in this one's body - simply adorable

Luvumcats Lunar Eclipse (LANA)

Silver Tabby and White

This is Echo's kitten, Lana is a smaller lady with a playful and loving nature - a cuddly bunny cat!

Luvumcats Tina HeadTurner (TINA)

Black Tortie with White

Tina will retire in 2022. She has also done well on the show bench and is a confident girl with amazing head and personality to match!